r.mapcalc debugger?

Zhian Li zhian_li at agcs.cas.psu.edu
Wed Jul 26 08:00:00 EDT 1995

BRad Cadle write:
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Subject: r.mapcalc debugger?
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        I have a rather lengthy r.mapcalc script I am trying to debug.  
unfortunately the only message i get from mapcalc is rather uninformative.
It says you have confused me.  Does a r.mapcalc debugger exist, and if so

                                                        -BRad Cadle

It is very likely you had some problem in the format of the statement in which
the r.mapcalc is used.  I got the same problem when used it the first time.  I
found errors in the statement and corrected them.  Then the problem was
solved.  So, my feeling is that there is(?) something r.mapcalc does not like.
 Double check your statement and try again.  Good luck.

      Zhian Li at Penn State.


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