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Tue Jul 18 08:00:00 EDT 1995

> To anyone who can help me:
> Hi.  I hope to soon be a GRASS user.  In fact, I just received version
> 4.1 on CD ROM today.  Right now I am only interested in the i.smap
> (alpha) algorithm.  Do I need to install all of the GRASS software to
> use this one routine?  If not, how can I tell which parts of GRASS to
> install?  Put another way, what are the modified installation
> procedures?
> To anyone who has used i.smap (or tried to):
> I am interested in using i.smap to segment synthetic aperture radar
> imagery which I have in binary form (32-bit float) on my computer
> system.  My questions are: What do I need to learn to use i.smap?  What
> parts of GRASS can I skip or ignore?  How do I get started?  What should
> I read?
> Austin Frakt
> frakt at

We have used i.smap reasonable successfully (apart from 
discovering a plague of rye grass).  You don't need
all of GRASS to run it. I believe you can specify which
bits of grass to compile by editing the lists in 
GISBASE/src/CMD/lists but you will need to read the 
documentation about this.
i.smap works on normal grass rasters which have been linked
together using to indicate they are all bands from the
same scene.  I guess you will need to learn how to use the
raster import, manipulation and display facilities (eg
, i.tape.other, d.rast  & r.mapcalc etc) and the bits of grass 
especially for imagery (eg, i.points to georectify the 
images, i.gensigset to generate the spectral signatures).  you
can forget stuff to do with vectors and sites (eg the v. and s.
commands. The general commands are useful (eg the g. commands)

cheers  Tom

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