New user questions

frakt at MIT.EDU frakt at MIT.EDU
Tue Jul 18 08:00:00 EDT 1995

To anyone who can help me:

Hi.  I hope to soon be a GRASS user.  In fact, I just received version
4.1 on CD ROM today.  Right now I am only interested in the i.smap
(alpha) algorithm.  Do I need to install all of the GRASS software to
use this one routine?  If not, how can I tell which parts of GRASS to
install?  Put another way, what are the modified installation

To anyone who has used i.smap (or tried to):

I am interested in using i.smap to segment synthetic aperture radar
imagery which I have in binary form (32-bit float) on my computer
system.  My questions are: What do I need to learn to use i.smap?  What
parts of GRASS can I skip or ignore?  How do I get started?  What should
I read?

Austin Frakt
frakt at

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