S-Plus and GRASS

Alastair Duncan 100074.213 at compuserve.com
Mon Jul 17 08:00:00 EDT 1995


A couple of months ago there was quite a bit of discussion on this list about
the S-Plus statistics package which all sounded pretty interesting. I've just
got round to getting their marketing documentation which looks great - and yes 
want it - but the price of the unix version is very steep - I'm going to have t
make quite a strong case to my boss in order to persuade him to purchase it. 

Hence this mail - could users of S-Plus & GRASS send me their views on the
package - ease of use, flexibity, strengths and weaknesses, what it can do
that's amazing, what it can't do that's annoying, etc, etc. 
Also steps involved with transferring data between GRASS and S-Plus (I'm a bit
concerned about the link with Arc/Info as apart from GRASS my organsation's is
going down the Intergraph path at the moment - anyone linked S-Plus with
Intergraph ??).
Also could anyone tell me if there are any other good unix based statistical
analysis packages that I can use in conjunction with GRASS - especially freewar

Thanks a lot in advance,
mail me directly - I'll compile responses if anyone else is interested,

e-mail:  100074,213 at compuserve.com


Alastair Duncan,
Spatial Information Scientist,
NRA's National Centre for Instrumentation and Marine Surveillance,
Lower Bristol Road,
Bath, UK.

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