Image Extraction from CD's

W. Fredrick Limp fred at
Sun Jul 9 08:00:00 EDT 1995

Wang Song developed a script to extract SPOT imagery from CD. Wang has 
left CAST but I think that Rob Dzur (rob at may be able to 
track down the scripts....
On Fri, 7 Jul 1995, DUNN JEREMY SIMON wrote:

> Good Afternoon        
> I'm interested to know how folks are importing spot images into Grass if thes
> images are not on tape. 
> I have been simply copying these image files into a cell directory in my 
> MAPSET directory and then viewing them with the help of as raster
> files.
> I run into difficulties however when trying to reference the images. 
> While using d.what.rast I find that the areas I am interested in on the image
> do not correspond with those on my hard copy map. Even though the region 
> I specify ( UTM zone 14) is correct. 
> Any suggestions as to how I can correctly read these images in ? The tutorial
> gives information on Tape Extraction but nothing else. 
> Thank you 
> Jeremy 

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