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Lars Schylberg larss at
Sun Jul 2 08:00:00 EDT 1995

Hi !

As some people might know, I been using Grass for the last 7 years.  
Unfortunally not so much the last two years as before due to my current 
job. But right now I have a problem that might leed me into using grass
more activly again.

I wonder if someone have thought about doing the kind of processing as 
r.mapcalc could do for you but the result would still be primary memory
in between different operations.  What I would like to do, is to apply
operators on a image that I am working on without having to save the result
on a disk file. I guess xv is working a little this way even if I haven't
looked into the details of xv. What I also would like to do is to be able to 
run r.stats on the same image that I still only have in memory not on disk.
At last, I am NOT interested to se the result on screen.  The result I am 
interested in, is the statistics from r.stats.

I would be very glad for some comments on this and possible if someone have
modified grass in this way.  Or maybe there is some other public domain
software that already is doing this. 


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