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Wed Jul 19 12:18:40 EDT 1995

hi !!
   i am installing grass4.1 to hp9000/735 . i meet some problems.
   what can i do for these ....

 1.  the error message:

 rm -f OBJ.HP/ask.o
        cc +O3 +OS -Wp,-H200000 -DGETHOSTNAME_OK
         -I/disc/users/grad2/gis/grass/src/include -DUSE_TERMIO -c ask.c
cc: warning 450: Unrecognized option +OS.
cc: Undefined NSYM for ucode address : ask  (5726)
*** Error code 1

  2. "+OS"  option i can't use on my workstation. is it very important ?
      ^^^<--from HP.trouble.shooting.Z

thank you !!

Shang-Haw Chen
e-mail:e8480111 at
NCKU from tainan, taiwan, ROC

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