Andreas Holz Andreas.Holz at
Tue Jul 25 05:47:38 EDT 1995

Dear GRASS-users and GRASS-programmers,

	maybe, there are someone. who didn't get the new GRASS-CD

	1) The GRASS-CD is really ready and in the shipment phase.

	2) Due to the invoice I get from the manufacturer meanwhile I 
	   was able to recalculate he prices.

		commercial CD (haha) $80,-   DM120,-
		academic/private     $60,-   DM 90,-

	   The shipment costs are included (though they are quite high).

        3) I'm looking for a ftp site in Germany to put updates and additional

	   I tried to put the to html converted man-pages on three weeks ago, but I had no response and 
	   they are not in place. I think, the ftpadmins are sleeping or 
	   enjoying the bavarian beer to much.

	   My problem is, that due to the heavy overload of the Internet we 
	   are allowed to transfer 10Kb out of the campus the day. 
	   Additionally my quota is limited to 2Mb now. 

	   So I'll try to get a private Internet connection from a commercial
	   provider in the near future to guarantee a GRASS-LINUX support in
	   the future. 



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