[Q]:Nature Neighbor Interpolation

Malcolm Williamson malcolm at cast.uark.edu
Thu Jul 27 18:38:56 EDT 1995

Sorry, there is no TIN implementation in GRASS at all. Virtually all 
analysis in GRASS is done with raster data, though there are an 
increasing number of programs that make use of GRASS' arc-node vector 
format as well.
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On 28 Jul 1995 tyshih at cc.nctu.edu.tw wrote:

> Dear Netters:
> Greetings.  Is the a nature neighbor interpolation scheme implemented
> with TIN in GRASS?  And, is there a constrainted TIN implementation in 
> GRASS?  Any information will be highly appreciated.  Cheers.
> Shih, Peter (tyshih at cc.nctu.edu.tw)

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