*.fmt file format!!

Abeer Alnaji alnaji at brcsun0.tamu.edu
Wed May 24 08:00:00 EDT 1995

A correction to my previous posted email; one of the file extentions was *.gis 
but its actually
*.dig.  I don't think that any of these file extentions mean anything; one of t
he grass users
replyed to my problem as follows:

> *.gis may be ERDAS format. Try 'head -1 file.gis' or 
> 'od -c file.gis |more' and look for clues.

Well, I emailed him back telling him it was a typo, and its actually *.dig, whi
ch does not mean
anything to me!!!!.

I've got two other responses from grass users, one offering to translate the do
cuments for me,
and another asking about the CD's origin; it might help to know, so we are goin
g to be 
working on it!!

Thank you all for being so helpfull, this is a great mailing group!!

Abeer AL-Naji
GIS Specialist
Texas A&M University
Blackland Research Center
e-mail: alnaji at brcsun0.tamu.edu

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