Mixon, Marlin mcm1303 at hub.doh.wa.gov
Fri May 12 08:00:00 EDT 1995

> I am trying to run the sgi binaries from the moon ftp site. But I 
> cannot execute grass4.1 due to the following error.
> grass4.1sg
> UX:sh (GIS.sh): ERROR: /home/shelob/dunnj/Grass4.1/etc: Cannot execute
> /home/shelob/dunnj/Grass4.1/etc/lock: /.gislock: Permission denied
> Unable to properly access /.gislock
> Please notify system personel.

This is easy.  You don't have write access to moon.cecer.army.mil and
you need to in order to write the .gislock file.

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