Calcomp 9500

Scott Miller miller at
Mon May 8 08:00:00 EDT 1995

On May 6,  Aldo wrote:

Dear GRASSusers,
we have a problem in using a Calcomp 9500 digitizer. We hope somebody can 
help us.  Here the situation:

6) Running v.digit, the list of "Available digitizers" includes the 
   "Calcomp digitizer, format 23 (binary)".
   Next screen shows that "Selected digitizer is: Calcomp".
   Everything worhs OK until the question: "Shall we continue? [y]". 
   Answering "y" the digitizer send a 'bip', the screen freezes and there
   is no way to go on.


We have a Calcomp 9500, and occasionally run into the same response, but it 
only occurs if the digitizer is either 
                A> turned off when answering "y" to the "shall we continue"
                B> turned on, but the keypad is not resting on the digitizer
tablet when answering that question.

In response to Aldo's question - perhaps you should try running the routine
and make sure the digitizer is on and the keypad is resting on the tablet.

Hope this helps,


Scott Miller
Tucson, AZ
miller at

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