24 bits

Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Wed May 17 11:24:31 EDT 1995

Hi Agus,
I guess my response is, no, I'm not positive. Images created using 
and printed on a 24-bit dye-sublimation printer are _definitedly_ more 
than 8-bit, but they could be something less than 24-bit. They _look_ 
like "true-color" to me, though. Are you sure that ghostscript is capable 
of displaying 24-bit, regardless of whether the PostScript image is?

I suppose I could look in the trusty PostScript reference manual to 
finish this debate... :-)


On Mon, 8 May 1995, ALOBO wrote:

> """ prints in 24-bit, as long as your printer supports it."""
> Are you positive? I look at the ps file with ghostscript prior to 
> printing and the image does not look the same quality that when the rgb
> file is displayed with a program with 24-bit display (i.e., Multispec).
> Is d.rgb generating a 24-bit image? Maybe the problem is there. 
> Thanks for your help.
> Agus

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