GRASS binaries for Linux

Rod Anderson andersr at
Thu May 18 17:32:00 EDT 1995

In article <9505162114.AA05572 at> you wrote:
: Hello Rod,

: Did you find the binaries at the moon?  They are located at subdirectory
: /grass4.1/release/binary/linux

: Louis Clarke, biologist               U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
: lclarke at   Albuquerque District
: (505) 766-2776 voice

Thanks Louis.  No I hadn't.  I'm pretty much a novice at Linux and just 
getting started with GRASS.  Been a fan for years but the hardware 
required before was a bit outside my wallet.  Linux on a 486DX/2-66 puts 
it together.

Again thanks,

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