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Thu May 25 22:30:52 EDT 1995

pklin at (Pokung Lin) writes:

>	It seems there are two version of new fp tar package you
>	have put on moon: and fp_main_new.tar.Z,
>	also and fp_alpha_new.tar.Z. They are
>	different in size. Which one is your last edition?

>	PK Lin
>	E-mail: pklin at
I am sorry about this. It is just that I don't have permissions to delete 
anything from the ftp site.
If you go there right now, there should be only

you only need the first 2 . they include updates.
The updates are for those who get fp_main_new.tar.Z and fp_alpha_new.tar.Z
I hope this helps.

Olga Waupotitish
olga at

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