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Plotting to the versatec from GRASS requires the use of sprint utility.
sprint converts sun raster files (the output from grass) to vcgl
format for the plotter. sprint utility can be purchased from Xerox.

If you get sprint, i have written a plot script which assists in the plotting
from GRASS to the versatec via sprint. Basically it allows you to actually 
plot at a chosen RF or plot width, center, choose # of copies, and will determi
if the plot will fit within the allowed 42".  Something the versatec driver its
doesn't accomodate. Really. can only be used if you have some type of rasterizer software to 
convert the postscript to a format ready for the versatec. We use Newsprint.

To use for large format devices you need to create a ps.devices file
for that. $GISBASE/etc/paint/ps.devices.  I use the following data for E size p

level: 2
page width: 34.0
page height: 44.0
top margin: 0.5
bottom margin: 0.5
left margin: 0.25
right margin: 0.25
resolution: 300

> Hello Users:
> I have a Versatec plotter model 8844. I am trying to plot raster maps from
> grass using paint=versatec (I have already compiled the driver and
> shell) and after that the program It start to work but when finishing I
> have an error message that the program  sprint not found. What exactly that
> means?
> I am trying also using, I am trying to create a configuration file wit
> large dimensions for the 44'' with, but I have an error in the scale and the
> postscript file is corrupted. just works with small sizes devices? How
> can I change that?
> Thanks in advance for your help
> Roberto Bonifaz
> Instituto de Geografia

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