New GRASSLinks site now running

Mike Bender mike at
Thu Nov 23 07:00:00 EST 1995

Simon Cox writes:
> While working on this (and earlier) it occurred to me that this kind of
> point-and-click interface is what has been lacking and criticised
> in GRASS all these years, for the casual user.  There have been a
> couple of attempts to develop GUI's - viz. XGrass and LAS's
> still-to-be-released tcl/tk interface.  I wonder how much of the
> functionality could actually be provided through html & "forms",
> so making XGrass and tcl/tkGrass potentially obselete?

Just a quick comment.  In one word - Java.  Sun Microsystems are starting to re
ally push Java and Hot Java as the software development environment of the futu
re, and even the present.  The new version of Netscape is already Java-ready.  
It's the way to go..  If Sue or Simon are reading this, they (and others) may b
e interested (although they may not have time) to check into Java (if you haven
't already).  A number of test www sites can be found through standard net sear
ch tools.  I think what Sue has done 
with GRASSLinks is showing us the way of things to come in research.  Who needs
 100 sites with the same data?  Who needs the hassle of spending a year trying 
to acquire your data?

Mike Bender
University of Manitoba

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