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Wed Nov 22 07:00:00 EST 1995

steve at ocean.oce.uri.EDU (Steve Dzurenko) wrote:
>Does anyone who is doing GRASS programming know why
>some GRASS library functions do not appear in the 
>GRASS Programmer's Manual.  Specifically, D_get_d_west
>appears in the code for d.where, but I do not see
>D_get_d_west documented in the Programmer's Manual.
>The same for the entire Coordinate Conversion Library.
>None of the CC_* functions are in the Programmer's
>Just wondering.
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The way I understand it, there are more library functions defined (and used
by various grass programs) than are documented in the GRASS Programmer's
Manual, however the ones documented in the manual are those which you can
have the best confidence they will be supported in subsequent releases
or versions of GRASS. Thus, you can code against any and all functions
you happen to find, but there is no guarantee the functions will exist
or behave the same way in some other version of the code. One can have
more certainty by sticking with the documented functions.

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