Scene segmentation & comparation methods

James Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Mon Nov 20 07:00:00 EST 1995

for supervised methods, try i.smap. A comparison of SMAP with maximum
likelihood and ECHO (extractions and classification of homogeneous
objects) may be found at:
(to appear in IEEE Trans. Geo. & Remote Sensing). Most of this work, with
the exception of ECHO, was done using GRASS. (ECHO was performed using
MultiSpec, Mac software. For more info, see:


Milton Ribeiro (mribeiro at writes on 17 November 1995:
>I have interest in references & literatures of Scene segmentation using 
>(un)supervised methods. I'm a newbie with GRASS and I need to do 
>comparations of theses methods in a perturbed (forest, regrowth, 
>deforestations) site. 
>I'm very thanks for all help!
>Miltinho (RIBEIRO, M.C.)          
>Quantitative Methods Laboratory 
>Forest Science Department     
>ESALQ/University of Sao Paulo   
Darrell McCauley, PhD; mccauley at;

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