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Thu Nov 16 07:00:00 EST 1995

On Wed, 15 Nov 1995, Ted Cox wrote:

> DORICE at (Piero Boccardo - Italy) wrote:
> >Dear Grass users,
> >I'm looking some softwares to vectorise raster map (line followers).
> >Do you have any idea where I can find them? Any HW platform could be 
> >considered.
> >Piero Boccardo
> You might try LTPlus - It is a great PD software package. 
> Source in on the moon.

I think the version on moon is an older version of LTPlus which was
modified to run under X-Windows.  This version has quite a few bugs 
and runs very slow.  It does not show LTPlus at it's best.
The last public domain version by John Dabritz ran in VGA mode under
SCO Unix.  It was very good.

> Dan Haskell (Flat Earth Systems) in Portland Oregon ported it
> to Linux & was charging $100 for it a while back. My experience with it 
> is very good.  
> Sorry, I don't have Dan's email any more.

Dan's current email address is: dhaskell at
His phone numbers are:          (503) 257-9042
                                (206) 361-0602
The first number is Flat Earth's business phone.  It is permanent.
However, it seems to be easier to reach him at the second number.
He ported the last public domain version of LTPlus and continued to
use VGA mode graphics.  The end result is a fast robust product.  
He has also fixed a few bugs and added some minor features.  I 
thought his price was more than $100, but I'm not sure.

> Commercial version of LTPlus is called LT4x and is around 3,000 $.

Infotec's product is greatly enhanced from LTPlus.  It includes full
projection support, vector editing and many features not included 
in the public domain software.  It runs in X-Windows and does so 
very efficiently.  It is available for most Unix workstations.
Infotec also has training and support programs.
For sales information call:  (503) 236-6373.

Finally, Ron Berry from Eugene, Oregon USA has a version of LTPlus
ported to DOS.  I'm not sure, but I've heard he charges $500.00 for
it.  I am told that it is a high quality port, runs fast, and has all
the features of the public domain version of LTPlus except for digitizer 
support.  For sales information:
                  Peerless Management Systems
                  541 Willamette St. Suite 304
                  Eugene, OR.  97401
                  tel. 503-344-8815

                                             David Mandel

P.S.  Please don't totally trust my descriptions of these products.
I have some association with all the above people, so I don't claim to 
be an unbiased customer.

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