Color Palettes

Rick Thompson rick at
Sun Nov 12 07:00:00 EST 1995

Hi Jim,
  The quickest test I would use with r.colors is to take a simple raster map
with a single category and with r.colors do this:
r.colors map c=rules
> 1 brown
> end

Next, look at the rgb value placed for the brown in the $LOCATION/colr/map file
(brown is 191:127:63)
For a tan, you'll probably add values to green. Try 191:177:163 (add 50 to 
green). Redisplay the map to check your results. Once you like the tan you've 
developed, go to your original multi-category raster map and:

r.colors map c=rules
0 black (if you want it black)
> brown
> tan
> end

Another somewhat longer route would be to use d.colors where you can 
interactively change rgb values. Hope this helps. Rick

On 12 Nov 1995, James A Theriault wrote:

> I've been playing with coloring rasters lately.  Essentially, I'd
> like to re-color a map using tan through to dark brown colors
> in order to overlay rasters using other colors.  I't apparent
> that I can do this using r.colors and specifying the type to 
> be "rules."
> The difficulty that I've run into is finding a set of RGB values
> for a tan-to-brown color scale.  Does anyone have any suggestions
> where to get a set of values that I can start with?
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