i.points (Simple Question)

Steve Dzurenko steve at ocean.oce.uri.EDU
Mon Nov 6 07:00:00 EST 1995


I just had this problem yesterday.  I registered a bunch of points
on an image that I wanted to rectify and then checked the RMS errors.
There were a couple of points that I wished to re-register after
seeing the RMS error results.  I could have excluded the bad points
and re-registered them, but they would have appeared as points at
the end of the list.  For referencing purposes, I wanted each point
to remain in a certain position in the points list.  They only way
I can see doing that is deleting all points in the list which come
after the bad point and redoing the registering in the order I 
desire.  I decided to keep the points with the high RMS errors.

Anyway, if you just want to delete a point and don't care about 
how that changes the odering of you points, you can do this by
editing the POINTS file with vi, or the like.  The POINTS file
should be in your $GISDBASE/<target LOCATION>/<target MAPSET>/group/
<imagery GROUP> directory.  Make sense?

If this does not help, please e-mail again.

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