Grass and DEC-Alpha

Wilhelm Hagg hagg at
Wed Nov 1 07:00:00 EST 1995

mark robbins said:

>>Did anyone of you use the ppm - Driver to generate Map
>>outputs with or ?
>>That didn't work, I'm still looking for the bug.
>I'd be interested in knowing the answer to this also.  Although I don't
>know what problem Wilhelm was having, on my Sparc 20 with Solaris 2.4 I
>keep getting the error:
>ERROR: ppm driver: unable to create lock
>ERROR: can't read from ppm driver

I also had the problem

ERROR: can't read from ppm driver

the lock problem i don't have, because i plot to file. I think
it's the same problem. 

Here is what i found:

the applib library, located in $(GIS)/src/paint/Interface/applib
contains the file device.c 
It contains the function 
  P__readdev (buf, n)
      char *buf;

But no specification for the type of "n"

the "read" function-call is done there with "n" as argument, and
n seems to be an integer. Also the return-value of the read function
is assigned to an integer. On Dec-Alpha the "n" - Argument to read 
is of type "unsigned long" and the read-function returns a long.

Maybe this is the reason for the problem. I didn't check it so far,
because i dont have always access to the DEC-Alpha machine.

Bye ..
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