XGRASS problems

ChrisL4179 at aol.com ChrisL4179 at aol.com
Wed Oct 18 08:00:00 EDT 1995

We have successfully compiled GRASS4.1 and XGRASS on a SPARC5 machine running
Solaris 2.4 and using Sun CC.  It runs, but with problems.  They are as

1. When the XGRASS Startup Dialogue displays, the first 2 letters of 
   valid location names are truncated.  It is impossible to select one.
   Values displayed are:


Also under the Add Items... choice, the text boxes are unedittable.

2. When forcing dbase, location, and mapset via command line parameters,  the
Xgrass main menu does come up.  A display tool can be started, but when an
attempt to manage it is made via the display/manage/control display monitor
menu, the following error is encountered: 

a dialogue box stating:

   ! An error occurred with Xclip.  Check the XClip interface file.

and the following message is displayed:

       "d.mon", No such file or directory
error: cpp: /project/soiwss/grass/etc:/usr/ccs/xclip/d.mon No such file or
"/project/soiwss/grass/etc:/usr/ccs/xclip/d.mon", line 1:
<syntax error> at or near ""

the same occurs when attempting to display via the display/display/raster
menu option

xclip: FATAL ERROR <parsing command line arguments>
        "d.rast", No such file or directory
error: cpp: /project/soiwss/grass/etc:/usr/ccs/xclip/d.rast No such file or
"/project/soiwss/grass/etc:/usr/ccs/xclip/d.rast", line 1:
<syntax error> at or near ""

3. A display tool can be brought up, but no files are listed to open.
   A map can be brought up by selecting a geoframe, and then selecting a
raster map via the maps/raster menu choice.  The filenames in the selection
list however have the first 2 letters truncated.  Through copying and links,
this can be overcome by appending 2 dummy chars to the beginning of the map
(e.g. xxnations)

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.  Our Army project needs a demo
capability of XGRASS by Oct 27.  Thanks in advance.

Chris Lambert
Galaxy Global Corporation
ChrisL4179 at aol.com

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