Darrell's s.surf.krig

charnotw charnotw at helios.aston.ac.uk
Tue Oct 17 08:00:00 EDT 1995

>lurking is a good word! lest the students find me! Yes I did write a 
>version of s.surf.krig its a wonderful fortranest version of a c 
>program - but at least it is (should be) easy to read. there are no 
>variogram routines (unless Darell put my fortran semivariogram 
>routines up as well) - but Yvan Pannettier (spel) has written 
>VarioWin, which is a wonderful variogram modelling package for 
>Windows - search for variowin on the web...
>I missed the earlier discussion so if there were some specific 
>questions, please repeat or mail me direct...
>Chris Skelly

sorry about the confusion, all I really wanted was a sample set of 
data and the appropriate parameters, so that I could try it out on 
s.surf.krig to check it is working properly (after I've hacked it
around to get it to compile on our cranky system 8-)

big thanks to everyone who contributes programs for others to use,
it must be doing you karma a power of good  8-)  and thanks to all
who have answered my mail.

BTW does any one have any handy hints for removing harden guck from
a flat bed scanner. I thought I'd ask before I nip downstairs and
borrow some acid from the concrete laboratory,  cheers  8-)

Tom Charnock                       O--O
Dept Civil Engineering            (~~~~)
Aston University                 (  __  )
Birmingham B4 7ET UK             /|\  /|\
charnotw at sun.aston.ac.uk

PS my original message was: 
> Hi
>I've been trying to use Darrell's s.surf.krig, could someone email me
                      ^^^^^  sorry Chris  8-)
> a data set and the input parameters (nugget range etc) so I can see 
> if I've got it working properly.  I've tried using my own data but
> I can't get it to work satisfactorially, I suspect I'm not using
> correct parameters but I'd like to rule out a bug I may have
> introduced while compiling it.  BTW has anyone done a cokriger
> for GRASS

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