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Tue Oct 17 08:00:00 EDT 1995


You are lucky today.  I have the same problem with after specifying
a particular page definition file (with under linux.  So, I 
digged into the source code and found what the problem is.  Under the directory, there is a file called "read_cfg.c" which reads
the configuration file specified with (look at your .grassrc file
after you run the  The atof() function was used to convert string
to real number in the read_cfg.c file.  UNDER LINUX, you need to include the
stdlib.h (the ANSI C standard?) in the read_cfg.c and re-compile

A while ago, someone also mentioned that you need to compile with
-fwritable-strings under gcc. (I think that this is true).

I also found out a quick fix with v.digit under LINUX.  It always freezed with
Wait. Replotting .....  Although different pepole have suggested different
solutions, such as using -lbsd etc.  The easiest fix is adding two s in the 
set_key.c file only.  In the set_key.c file, there are two lines looks like 
below (sorry, my linux box is in DOS right now):
struct termio &oldtermio;       -> change to struct termios &oldtermio;
struct termio &newtermio;       -> change to struct termios &newtermio;

Then, re-compile the v.digit and you are all set on the road.

One more fix and I will quit.  There is a nice program called in
the src.contrib/CAST directory.  It allows you to highlight one or several
user specified lines/polygons categories with one of the 16 availalbe vector 
colors.  At the near bottom of the plotCAT.c or plotCATS.c file, you can find 
a line looks like: Vect_get_area_points(P_map, a_index, Points); 
- right after Points = Vect_new_line_sruct();
It should be Vect_get_area_points(&P_map, ....);

Have a happy day!!!


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