10/10 -- A Day in the Life of Cyberspace (http://www.1010.org/)

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Sun Oct 8 08:00:00 EDT 1995


I saw your email address on a web page and thought you might be
able to help us. We're looking for on-line pioneers to help us
capture a global portrait of life in the new, digital renaissance.

On 10/10 the Media Lab is hosting "A Day in the Life of Cyberspace."
We are trying to find people whose lives have been touched deeply
by digital media and the Net:
  - kids, teachers, families, newlyweds, pets on the Web;
  - people in war-torn areas like Bosnia or Tibet
    who can stay in touch with humanity because of the Net;
  - the youngest and oldest users
  - people in every country on earth,
  - astronauts in orbit (we will link to the
    space shuttle on 10/10 if the launch proceeds)
  - ....
For instance, my Aunt Min is 80 and has her checkup every month by
holding a telephone to her chest: the remote computer diagnoses
her pacemaker!  Or, during the riots in Tiananmen Square, real news
reached the outside world first through e-mail networks.  The Pope's
mass on 10/8 will be "cybercast" into the Web.

If you can help contribute to this, by sending pictures, sounds,
or words, or if you know someone who might, please browse

You can also send mail to info at 1010.org for an automatic help
response (Tell it: "send description" for a longer explanation).

By the way, keep watching the web site for daily changes--with real
surprises on the 10th!

Please help spread the word!


         - Steve

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