, hp650c's and paper wasting

Ronald Wiemer RWIEM at
Fri Oct 6 08:00:00 EDT 1995

> Do remember to edit the file if you're going to use A4 or A3 sized 
> sheets, because the standard version of add.pagesize includes a 200 pixel 
> wide left and top margin to the original postscript file, which is quite 
> a lot on a small sheet. By the way, the problem seems to be HP: there is 
> no such command as 'pagesize' in the original PostScript language, but HP 
> printers which read it expect the pagesize to be included.
> Philip Verhagen

Unfortunately there is not one simple Postscipt language. 
Encapsulated Postscript and Display Postscript are not exchangeable 
and both exist in many varieties. 
Device dependent statements are part of Postscript and nescessary 
for any Postscript device that has more then one output possibility, 
be it several papertrays or papersizes, but are forbidden in Display 
Postscript, which is incorporated in Solaris.
So if you think you can produce Postscript and you have Software that 
can read it, I can guarantee you that it will not work. 
So when e.g. Coreldraw! says it can import Adobe Illustrator EPS 
files, it can ONLY import EPS from Adobe Illustrator and nothing else.
In fact we are lucky that produces a kind of Postscript 
that is readable, printable en displayable on some systems. Have you 
ever looked at Postscript that comes out of MS-windows??

Ronald Wiemer


The paper margins are settable from the frontpanel of the HP 650C 

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