Automating additions to the $PATH

Pat Morrow pmorrow at
Fri Oct 6 08:00:00 EDT 1995

You might want to try setting up an alias for the path name and then
the user would only need to type in the alias (which would call a 
scrip to cd pathname).  No guarantees that this will work, as I have
not tried an alias in GRASS, but they work well under UNIX, AIX and 
In article <{a16dhoover2541440570}>, a16dhoover at 
>Greetings from Idaho!
>One of our offices wants to have some way to automatically add a
>$LOCATION/scripts directory to their $PATH so they can execute
>scripts they have written that are unique to that MAPSET dealing
>with data display, data manipulation, and analysis.
>I tried adding commands like:
>     PATH=$PATH:$LOCATION/scripts
>      export PATH
>to the grass4.1 start-up script in the $HOME directory or adding
>the script to a set.pathname script in the $GISBASE/scripts
>directory, but to no avail.
>This would help save time for the user so they would not have to
>cd to the scripts directory every time they want to run one of their
>Any help would be appreciated in automating this path setting procedure.
>Thanks in advance -
>David Hoover
>State GIS Coordinator
>a16dhoover at
>208 334 1525

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