clump numbering problem

Andrea Giacomelli andreag at
Mon Oct 2 08:00:00 EDT 1995

I've been spending some time on this, and I would like to know if
anybody has had to cope with the same trouble.

I have developed a simple shell to apply a growth algorithm to
some data. I would like to identify from iteration to iteration 
what happens to certain characteristics of these clumps (I am 
using r.le for this). 
The label given to each clump by r.le (or r.clump) is no good for
this. I was thinking of fiddling with the "center coords", but this
is not trivial, since in the merging process which occurs during the growth,
strange things can happen.

Anybody there ?


                                        Andrea Giacomelli
                                        andreag at

                                        DIIAR Politecnico di Milano, Italia

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