IPW - where is it?

Rusty Dodson dodson at heart.cor.epa.gov
Tue Oct 3 15:03:04 EDT 1995

> I am interested in the Image Processing Workbench (IPW) developed
> by James Frew -- but I can't locate a source for it. Can somebody
> from this community help me?

               IPW -- Image Processing Workbench

             ERL-C Version 1.1 (95 interim release)

  This, the ERL-C version of IPW, is a merger of the original work done
by Jim Frew at UCSB, his subsequent work, and the work done at the EPA
Environmental Research Laboratory, Corvallis, Oregon.  

  The main differences are:

    o  This version is more portable than the original.  A configuration
       script makes installation easier.  The header files and some of the
       programs have been changed to support ANSI C if it is available.  To
       determine if it has been installed correctly, test procedures are

    o  The documentation has been heavily updated.  The on-line manual
       pages are now much more complete and describe the programs more
       accurately.  A Postscript formatted IPW User's Manual will be
       provided soon.

    o  Many (over 80) programs have been added.

    o  GNU Make is used instead of the ipwmake scripts.  This yields better
       functionality for the make files.

  The complete source, including on-line documentation and testing
procedures, is available in the file ipw-dist.tar.gz in this directory.
Some useful tools are located in the Support/ directory.  See the README
file in that directory for descriptions.

  For everything you need to get IPW running, get the files ipw-dist.tar.gz
and Support/make-3.74.tar.gz.  Don't forget to use the ftp command
'type binary' when downloading compressed (*.Z or *.gz) files.  Inside the IPW
distribution (ipw-dist.tar.gz), you will find a file called "INSTALL" that
gives detailed information on how to install both GNU Make and IPW in
your environment.

The primary distribution points for IPW are:




(our WWW server is not yet available to all sites -- government sites can
 use ice.cor.epa.gov as the address for now.)

  If you have any questions or comments, please contact me by whichever
means is most convenient to you.

Dana Jacobsen
200 SW 35th Street
Corvallis, OR 97333

Phone: (503) 754-4452
  Fax: (503) 754-4799

ipw at heart.cor.epa.gov
dana at acm.org


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