, hp650c's and paper wasting

Stuart Bradshaw stuart.bradshaw at
Thu Oct 5 18:39:47 EDT 1995

There is a shell program at called add.pagesize.

This puts in a pagesize command into the postscript file and helps with
the paper waste problem.

The add.pagesize program uses the current device to determine how
big the the page size should be. So just note those height/width numbers
are the ones used - it is not actually determining this from the postscript

We just set up a hp650c and i hope to work on the add.pagesize script to 
have the plotter waste even less paper and make the plotting process basically
"one" step. We'll see. . .

> Kevin Seel writes:
> >When I send a postscript plot to our hp650c using, the printer
> >happily scrolls our 6 feet or so of expensive paper before it decides
> >to print something.  Does anybody have an idea why it does this, and
> >how I can get around it?
> >
> I know - we get the same thing with our HP. Similarly, our xerox versetec type
> with special software seems to think everything is letter size. This occurs
> with several conversion programs, so it's not endemic to
> The best I have heard so far is that the postscript file is not produced with
> a fixed size - I do not know if this is true.
> However - I thought (am not sure) that this only occurs if the plotter is in
> HPGL mode and is sent the language conversion command. Is your plotter set
> to default to HGL or to postscript?
> mzk

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