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This looks like something that a lot of people might be interested in. 
How about putting on the moon? (grass/incoming)
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On Tue, 10 Oct 1995, Tom 
Hawkins wrote:

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> We have many Intergraph .dgn files that we bring into GRASS.  The DXF files
> are easy, it is the attributes that are a pain.  A person on my staff, Steve
> Turner has developed a program to strip out the Intergraph attributes into a
> separate ASCII file, with each attribute a line, and each line containing
> the x and y location of the attribute and the attribute itself (we call it
> *.att).   
> Then, we had Kenn Gardels develop a script (called load_dxf) we can use in
> GRASS to import this files (each has the same name except end in *.dxf and
> *.att) and create dig files.  Basically, it does v.in.dxf (our layer we want
> to import is always named LUB), creates an ASCII dig file, edits the ASCII
> dig file (changes the "l" to "a" for area), converts the ASCII dig back to a
> binary dig, then brings in the attribute file (*.att).  A "dbase" file is
> created first (this file is developed to make use of Sue Huse' database
> routines she developed for GRASS).  Then, a cats file is developed, and then
> v.support is run.  
> Our attributes are a little complex, each attribute is has 18 fields.  But
> I, being a non-programming, can edit the load_dxf file to read in other
> *.att files with one or two attributes.  All the GRASS files we develop are
> either developed in AUTOCAD, or imported into AUTOCAD, then output from
> AUTOCAD as dxf and att files (Steve also developed the AUTOCAD LISP routines
> to do this).  Thus far, this system has has worked very well.        
> If your interested, I can put the load_dxf file on an anonymous ftp site for
> access.  
> Tom Hawkins
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