s.surf.tps in Linux

Jane Rossing rossing at swlab.aben.cornell.edu
Mon Oct 16 14:33:32 EDT 1995

Grass users:
I have had trouble running s.surf.tps in GRASS 4.1 (the compiled version from
the moon).  The program insists that my sites are outside the region, even 
though I have run g.region (several times!) and they are definitely INSIDE
my region.  Using the same site file on our SUN workstation works fine (although
our Pentium running Linux is 10 times as fast as our old SUN, and I would
prefer to use it).  

In looking through the archives, I found one reference to someone having trouble
using s.surf.tps in Linux, but didn't see any replies.  Please excuse me if 
this subject has been covered lately - I haven't been reading the list.  I thought
I could get all info from the archives site on the moon, but there is nothing 
after 2/95. Why is that??

Thanks much for any help or at least confirmation that the Linux program is
causing the problem!

Jane Rossing
jr20 at cornell.edu

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