r.slope SGI binary

Steve Dzurenko steve at ocean.oce.uri.EDU
Wed Oct 18 01:41:55 EDT 1995

Hello to Jeremy,

I think I can help you out, if you can help me a little.  I decided
this morning that I had to use r.slope, but only found r.slope.aspect
in my Grass code.  I assume r.slope is a contributed program newer
than the Grass4.1 release.  Is that correct?  Can you tell me where I
can get the source code for r.slope?

I run Grass4.1 on an SGI Indigo2.  If you let me know where the source
code is, I will send you the binary when I build it.  I am running 
IRIX5.3.  Does this help you?

-Stephen Dzurenko
 Ocean Mapping Division
 Ocean Technology Center 
 Graduate School of Oceanography
 University of Rhode Island

 ph: 401 792-6853
 fx: 401 792-6849
 e-mail: steve at ocean.oce.uri.edu

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