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Thu Oct 19 08:29:52 EDT 1995

From: James Schmidt:R05F16A
Date: ## 10/19/95 08:29 ##
Ltplus is a digitizing/editing package that can import and export 
raster and vector data in a number of different formats.
  Raster import options include gis (ERDAS), optr9 (optronics 
scanner), ras (Houston Instruments scanner), rlc (Ideal and HI 
scanners), rle (run lenth encoded) tan (Tangent scanner) and rstr 
(generic bit-mapped raster) and dem (USGS digital elevation data)
  Vector import options include digit (GRASS ascii), dlg3 (digital 
line graph USGS), moss, dxf (CAD format), and xy (user specified 
  Most editing and digitizing is done in raster mode. Then the raster 
data is converted to vectors for labelling and export. Vector export 
formats include arc (ArcInfo generate format), dig (ERDAS), digit 
(GRASS), dlg3, dxf moss and xy.
Jim Schmidt
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From: Wendelin Reich:X400
Date: ## 10/19/95 10:06 ##

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Hi Jim!
I had a look at the LTPlus sourcecode-distribution, but I wasn't able to
find out what exactly it's good for and how it fits in the
digitizing-analysing-cyclus supported by GRASS itself...
Can you tell me in short? Thanx!

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