linux,,Ghostscript,and HP650c

Jim Schmidt avenues at
Fri Oct 20 08:55:34 EDT 1995

Many thanks to Kang and Howard Foster. With their help, I now have a version
of that works correctly under Linux. Last night, I was able to create
a 20MB D-size postscript file using
 I converted the postsctipt file it to RTL for the HP Designjet 650c plotter
using Alladin Ghostscript v3.33. I was able to plot it successfully, despite
having no postscript cartridge and only 4MB of memory on the plotter!
 The latest source code for Alladin Ghostsctipt, version 3.51, is obtainable
                         "           /ghostscript-fonts-std-3.51.tar.gz
General info on Ghostscript:

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