Reply to: HELP needed with d.3d.and i.points

Fri Oct 20 07:41:12 EDT 1995

From: James Schmidt:R05F16A
Date: ## 10/20/95 07:41 ##
Regarding prints of d.3d in Linux - I've not been able to get the 
CELL driver to work, so have been using an X-windows dump (xwd), then 
using the pbmplus utilities to convert to ppm format and then to gif.
I use Corel PhotoPaint or Micrografix PhotoMagic to edit and 
Jim Schmidt
avenues at
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From: Eliot Michael Cline:X400
Date: ## 10/19/95 19:25 ##
From:    C=US/ADMD=ATTMAIL/ORG=ATTMAIL/PN=Eliot Michael Cline/


Is screen capture the only way to save the image produced by d.3d to a 
file? If so, what is the best program for doing this? (I am running GRASS 
under Linux)

When using the program i.points my images in 256 colors/greylevels seem 
to get pared down to 16 or some such amount. So much information is lost 
I can't effectively choose points to use with i.rectify. This is the case 
whether I am in fixed or float colormode. Is there a way around this?

Any help would be appreciated,

Eliot Cline 

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