ArcView Shape2GRASS, dig2shape??

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>>My copy of the Spatial Analyst (Arc rasters) just arrived, so I need to
>>experiment with raster GRASS to Arc conversions... 
>>Any suggestions?
>GRASS raster files can be imported into ARC as image files using IMAGEGRID.
>They can also be imported as ASCII files, put them out of GRASS with 
>r.out.ascii and bring into ARC with ASCIIGRID.  You do have to edit the
>ASCII file header before importing into ARC.  Just use a text editor and
>change the header into GRID header format-
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Another alternative, if you just want to use the GRASS raster files in
ArcView and don't have access to ArcInfo, is to uncompress the GRASS cell
file and bring it into ArcView as a .bil format. This works fine for 8-bit
raster files (category values 0-255). You can also build a .hdr file with
georeferencing info with a text editor. I can send you a sample if you like.
It's one that came with some SPOT imagery. I just edited that .hdr file and
changed the rows, columns, cell size and coordinate of the upper left corner.

Jim Schmidt
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