Compiling GRASS4.1.5 on Redhat 4.0 (Linuc 2.0.18)

Henry Shin shin_hw at
Fri Dec 13 21:37:10 EST 1996


I am trying to run GRASS 4.1.5 on Linux with Kang's binary distribution.
Everything seems to run fine except a few commands like,
r.reclass, and perhaps more. I got the following error:
/usr/extra/grass4.1/etc/gis_set: can't load library '

My linux system has the following configuration:
kernel 2.0.18
gcc 2.7.2
libc 5.3.12
ncurses 1.9.9e

I downloaded the libc5.0.9 including the curses library which Kang had
used for his binaries and installed them. Then, I a got different error
message: /usr/local/grass/etc/gis_set: can't resolve symbol

Are there ways to make Kang's binaries work without compiling my own

I spent the last 2 days trying to get the GRASS source to compile on my
system with limited success. First, I get the following error when I run
/utils/setup with -lm math libarary flag:
util/math.c: In function 'main':
util/math.c:3 warning: type mismatch in implicit declaration for
built-in function 'fabs'
util/math.c:3 warning: type mismatch in implicit declaration for
built-in function 'fabs'

Another error I get is the curses flag (-lncurses):
/usr/include/termcap.h:39: parse error before 'ospeed'
/usr/include/termcap.h:39: warning: data definition has no type or
storage class. Why?

I think I have the math library and curses flags correct. Does anyone
know what the error message means? (I have zippo knowledge of C)

I continued with gmake configuration and got the whole thing compiled by
commenting out several files (r.buffer, r.combine,,
i.vpoings, and several in src.contrib) in the GRASS list. There were a
lot of warnings and errors scrolling by during the compilation but it
seems to go through with the process as long as I had the problematic
files commented out in the GRASS list. I am still having problems with
display drivers so I don't know whether everything else works or not.
But, I am too tired now.

I would really appreciate some help on getting the Kang's binaries to
work on my system or some definitive guidelines on how to compile GRASS
on Linux which the installation document lacks. Thank you!

Henry Shin

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