importing dlgz

Scott Grover ScottG at
Sun Mar 3 07:00:00 EST 1996

I have purchased the USGS optional format 1:2million DLG CD.  My goal is to
extract the state boundary(ies) for Iowa.  I place the *.dlg file in the
/dlg directory of my (newly created) mapset and run v.import.  I get no
error messages, but niether do I get a state border.  I am quite certain is
due to some confusion with the projection.  I have tried computing UTM
boundaries and Lat-Longs when setting up the mapset, but to no luck with the
final output.  From looking at the X-Y information in the Ascii DLG, it
seems like it is probably plotting out of the range of the specified mapset
region, but I do not recognize the region boundries in the DLG header.  The
lat-longs look familiar in the header, but the data seems to be in another

Could someone line me out on this import process.  I know it should be
simple, but....

Thank you!
-Scott Grover
scottg at

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