Linux based GIS plus Grass questions

Lester Johnson laj. at
Sat Mar 30 07:00:00 EST 1996

On march 27 > David Mandel writes:

  David> I starting to collect information for a talk and maybe even a
WEB page on 
  David> "Geographic Resources for Linux Users".  At the moment, GRASS
and pbmplus 
  David> are the only Linux tools I know of to do mapping on Linux
  David> Do other people have tools I don't know about?  I'm interested
  David> commercial as well as freeware tools.

  David> By the way, has everyone ported MOSS/MAPS/ADS/COS to Linux?
  David> How about ELAS?

  David> Dave Mandel

  David> ==============================================================
  David> David Mandel, Linux Activist             dmandel at

I understand that tcl/tk (tickle) grass is another 
potential Linux based GIS that would provide some
graphical interface help for Grass.
The question is has anyone ever gotten it to
run on a Linux platform?  
I downloaded the Tcl/tk extensions for Grass
from Moon plus the linux libraries but was
never able to get it to compile for linux grass. 
Can it be done?
The other question I have is more of a Linux question.
 I would like to give Linux Grass on a PC access
to a live file system from an ethernet network
using NFS on a Unix machine that is running Sun OS4.1.3.  
I am currently successfully linked to the Sun using tcp/ip
and win ftp programs and X windows software for Win95.
  Any suggestions from Linux experts to help get Linux 
talking to a Sun using Tcp/Ip or NFS would be greatly 
appreciated and would provide a good deal more 
functionality to Linux Grass for us.

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