v.what anybody? Updated r.proj, s.to.cell, v.plant.

Simon Cox S.Cox at solo.ned.dem.csiro.au
Thu Mar 28 07:00:00 EST 1996

Has anyone written a command v.what?  It should give the
category/attribute of -a the area within which a point falls,
or -l the nearest line/area-edge to the chosen point.
 ie a non-interactive version of d.what.vect.

r.what already exists in the grass distribution.
I have hacked together s.what based on some bits passed on to
me by Sue Huse at Berkeley.  Only v.what is missing!
Needed to make GRASSLinks a bit more functional.

On another issue, I finally got around to cleaning up and documenting
r.proj, s.to.cell, v.plant which I produced over the last year.
These can be downloaded from

ftp://ftp.ned.dem.csiro.au/pub/r.proj.tar.gz     etc

I would like to put files containing a note to this effect on moon
in incoming, but until someone helps me clean off the existing
files with these names (placed there by me earlier!) I can't write
over them!

Cheers                  Simon Cox

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