GIS Resources for Linux Workstations

Karl M. Hegbloom pcc60257 at
Thu Mar 28 07:00:00 EST 1996

>>>>> David Mandel writes:

  David> I starting to collect information for a talk and maybe even a WEB page
  David> "Geographic Resources for Linux Users".  At the moment, GRASS and pbmp
  David> are the only Linux tools I know of to do mapping on Linux workstations
  David> Do other people have tools I don't know about?  I'm interested in
  David> commercial as well as freeware tools.

  David> By the way, has everyone ported MOSS/MAPS/ADS/COS to Linux?
  David> How about ELAS?

  David> Dave Mandel

  David> ==============================================================
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  David> Serving the Pacific Northwestern USA
  David> Portland  *  Vancouver  *  McMinnville   *   Salem    *   Bend
  David> ==============================================================

 I saw a mapping application from a link off the Tix page; the one showing
applications written using the Tix widgets.

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