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William A Perkins perk at phoebus.pnl.gov
Fri Mar 22 07:00:00 EST 1996

>>>>> "Joe" == 2 Boys & A Girl <roadside at 1eagle1.com> writes:

    Joe> I am writing for some friends working for at a military installation w
    Joe> recently aquired an HP 650 (?) plotter (the big dog).  They were unabl
e to
    Joe> get Grass 4.1 to print to it, is there a specific driver availible for
    Joe> this plotter?  It just kills me to see that since they couldn't get GR
    Joe> to print they moved the plotter up stairs to print maps from Design-Ca
d on
    Joe> a 486 Gateway.  Since I no longer directly work for these guys I am
    Joe> searching out the answer the easy way here at info.grass.

    Joe> Also is there a FAQ on the status fututre/lack of future of GRASS?

    Joe> Thanks in advance

    Joe> R. Joe Brandon
    Joe> ab186 at rgfn.epcc.edu


Our HP DesignJet 650C works great w/ GRASS.  Our's has the optional
PostScript interface, so ps.map output can be sent directly to it
(well almost, see
<ftp://moon.cecer.army.mil/pub/grass/incoming/add.pagesize>).  If you
don't have a PostScript interface, Aladdin Ghostscript version 3.51
<http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/index.html> supports the HP650, so give
that a try.

Hope this helps.


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