Illinois Counties

Scott Grover ScottG at
Thu Mar 21 07:00:00 EST 1996

For $32.00, you can buy the entire U.S. basic DLG data on cd-rom from the
USGS.  This is at 1 to 2million scale, but the detail is pretty good.  The
projection is Albers Equal Area, but I have had sucesss in importing into a
new mapset with UTM projection.  You may have to tweak the projection
some... I am still working with it myself. 

 Does anyone else know which projection to use in GRASS for proper importing
of the 1:2m scale DLGs? 

Data layers are state and county boundaries, hydrography, hypsography, and

You can download it for free at the 1:2m scale from <> but
only in SDTS format; which I do not believe GRASS can currently import.  You
can also download the entire US at 1:100,000 scale for free in the DLG-3
optional format which GRASS will import nicely.  Of course this will take a
while to get the entire state of IL.

-Scott Grover
scottg at

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