problem w.vectors in Linux

kang at kang at
Thu Mar 21 07:00:00 EST 1996

> I have used Kang's version of for Linux (non-Elf: "" on
> incoming at the moon) with very large vector and raster files with good
> success. I have had trouble with some vector files that I had processed
> through v.cutter, but not all. So perhaps the problems are related to the
> structure of the vector files being used rather than the size?

I am glad to hear this since I am preparing to check the tonight.
If you look at the v.cutter code, you may find comments that has "to do" or
"not sure" in them.  The grass vector file format seems to be very wasty on
disk space.  I had one which is about 50 MB, but only 30 MB in ARC/INFO.
Maybe someone can work on a compressed version.


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