GRASS and Binary Tiger data

Bret A. Schuhmacher bas at
Wed Mar 20 07:00:00 EST 1996

Hi all,

I think I've almost recovered from my fit of newbie questions earlier 
today... I've figured out how to create maps from some of the Tiger data 
(the ASCII format).  However, this question might still fall into the 
newbie category:

Can GRASS make use of the binary Tiger data?  I've found the areas I 
need, but instead of the files being named TGR48085.F51 and such, they're 
named  majroads.lyr, majroads.nnx, majroads.obj, etc.

Is there a way to use this data (i.e. convert one of the files to a 
vector map)?

Does anyone know of a source for the TGR48085.F5? series and the
TGR48113.F5? series (in ASCII format)?  Is this what's on the CD ROM the
Census Dept sells or do the CDs have the binary format, too? 

Thanks in advance,


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