d.scale & d.label crash XDRIVER in Panel_save

Bob Black black at hercules.calspan.com
Wed Mar 20 07:00:00 EST 1996

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> The problem only occurs when the GRASS-Xwindow is not completely 
> within the root window. Xgetimage crashes when one or more of the 
> corners are outside the rootwindow. I have tried to resolve this bug, 
> the problem however is that the XDRIVER program does not keep track 
> of the location of the window on the screen. The only solution is to 
> make sure that your GRASS window is fully visible.

Belatedly I came to realize this (ref. my message of 3/19).  Do you,
by any chance, know of a solution to handle this when the window is
in the iconized state?

- Bob

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