Change in GRASS usage??

Randall Downer biosas at
Tue Mar 19 07:00:00 EST 1996

David Mandel <dmandel at> asked:

>Friends of GRASS,
>    Speaking of the Future of GRASS, I have a couple questions.
>    Does anyone know if general interest has been increasing
>or decreasing and by how much?  This is hard or impossible to
>measure, but one can get some idea by things like:

...stuff deleted.....

>    (2)  How much has activity (number of messages) changed?

Funny you should ask this question.

Here are the number of emails to both grassu and grassp. I have removed all
non grass related postings (e.g. comments sent to this list thinking it was
about some other grass) and subscribe/unsubscribe/ping/test postings.

month   emails
Jan-95  362
Feb-95  288
Mar-95  419
Apr-95  180
May-95  266
Jun-95  190
Jul-95  168
Aug-95  190
Sep-95  161
Oct-95  205
Nov-95  191
Dec-95  134
Jan-96  231
Feb-95  184

Mean is 226 and yes there is a trend in the data. However, this may well be
do to the fact that 4.1 was released near the begining of this dataset and
MANY of the postings in early 95 were bug related.

Just for the tought process.


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